Why does America Need to Invest in Stormwater Management Solutions?

According to a Stanford research study, exacerbating rainfall owing to climate change has caused flood damages worth USD75 billion from 1991-2021 in the USA. Intensifying precipitation events, riverine flooding, and storm surge due to rising global temperatures are leading to rapid environmental depletion and putting homeowners, builders, banks, and insurers at grave financial risk. More than 4 million houses and small

How is Artificial Intelligence Heating Up Precision Medicine Market?

According to a scientific paper published in the European Journal of Human Genetics, approx. 300 million people (around 3.5-5.9%) are living with rare diseases, out of which 72% are genetic, and of those 70% start in childhood. A greater understanding of biology with the rapid adoption of revolutionary diagnostic and therapeutic technologies has unlocked treatment options for people with rare diseases. Many

Top 5 Best Portable Power Stations in the United States

Whether you want an emergency power source backup for unexpected power outages or camping in a remote area, portable power stations are the best option. Highly versatile power stations provide a reliable source of power with AC inputs, USB outlets, and more to facilitate electricity generation for charging appliances such as laptops, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers,

Why Europe Needs Anti-Money Laundering Software ?

Despite the toughest laws on money laundering, huge sums of money of illegal origin are channeled into the regular economy. Some of the EU members states have been too lax in supervising and scrutinizing suspicious financial transactions. Now, the European Commission has prepared a comprehensive reform plan to tackle the rising money laundering problem by monitoring and

EU Regulations Boosting Battery Recycling Industry

With the emerging need for electrification, batteries are about to become new “gold” in Europe. The European Union’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050 would only be accomplished if batteries start replacing oil for generating power. However, batteries could add to pollution if not properly re-used and recycled, or ethically sourced or produced with

Innovation Changing the Face of Electric Motors

Electric motors are ubiquitous, providing mechanical energy to every electronic item that makes our lives easier. While electric motors are being used for decades now, there is still room for improvement in terms of technology and efficiency in order to conserve energy. From refrigerators to computer hard drives, vacuum cleaners to automatic car windows, a

Top Five Electric Buses in the United States of America

With an aim to take the USA towards zero-emission transportation, the Joe Biden government has proposed a USD174 billion program for bolstering electric vehicle adoption. Innovation in the emerging heavy-duty electric bus sector by the major players operating in the market is boosting the efficiency and reducing maintenance costs of e-buses, which is boosting its

What is the “Fit for 55” European Emission Plan and its Impact on Europe?

All the 27 countries under European Union collectively account for around 3.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, behind only China, the US, and India. However, Europe aims to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050. For accomplishing the set target, the European Commission has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.  On July

Can Walmart’s “Affordable” Insulin Enhance Insulin Accessibility in the USA?

Amongst 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, about 1.4 million Type-1 Diabetes patients require insulin lifelong to manage their condition, but affordability is a great concern. Insulin prices have increased up to 1200% since 1996, even though the formulations have largely remained the same. The cost of insulin is ten times more in the USA than in any other developed country.

How Will Nord Stream 2 Drive the European economy?

The Nord Stream 2 project intended for safe and secure supplies of natural gas to the European Union, covering 28 countries has created a lot of geopolitical tensions ever since its inception. The construction of a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany is expected to lower gas transport costs, reduce Europe’s