Month: November 2021

Diabetes Management Using Glucose Monitoring Devices

According to the World Health Organization statistics, currently approx. 463 million people are living with diabetes throughout the world. The number is set to rise to some 700 million by 2045. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death globally, accounting for more than 79,000 deaths annually. The growing prevalence of diabetes worldwide due to poor lifestyle, inadequate physical activity,

Shipping Containers Shortage and Its Impact on Global Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic induced travel and transportation restrictions across the world led to a drastic drop in sales & procurement and disrupted global trade substantially. Worldwide merchandize trade fell 5.3% in 2020 as countries imposed lockdown restrictions to limit coronavirus spread. Although the world merchandize trade volume is expected to increase by 8% in 2021, the trade growth will

Charging Solutions for Electric Mobility

With growing environmental awareness and rising fuel prices, electric vehicles are getting more and more popular. Making a transition from conventional cars to electric cars can be straightforward as all the controls remain in the same place, but the only thing that creates a significant distinction is the fuelling connector. Electric vehicles require electricity to propel themselves,

Is India Set to Become a Global Leader in Solar Energy?

As India’s population continues to grow at a rapid scale, its energy demands grow as well. Currently, India is among the top-three nations in energy use due to increasing urbanization, expanding carbon-intensive industries, rising power demands from commercial as well as residential sectors. In the next two decades, India’s population is anticipated to grow by 270

Demant A/S Leading Global Hearing Aid Market

According to a report by the World Health Organization, over 430 million people (5% of the global population) require rehabilitation to address their hearing impairment, while approx. 2.5 billion people are expected to develop some form of hearing problem by 2050. Nearly 25% of the population above 60 years tend to develop hearing problems ranging from mild to severe in one or both

Why should Every Retailer Opt for Mystery Shopping Program?

Retailers, market research companies, and consumer watchdogs conduct mystery shopping programs to check the quality of service in brick-and-mortar environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bank branches, and so on. The main objective of companies for executing mystery shopping is to ensure that customers have a consistent and high-quality experience at their sales locations and franchisees. The