Impact of Russia-Ukraine War on the Chemical Industry

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict is intensifying, the rift between the two countries have snowballed into causing a major economic turmoil across the globe. Several countries are directly or indirectly dependent on Russia and Ukraine for various commodities, which has severely impacted the price of food, energy, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, etc. Russia and Ukraine are the biggest

Advancements in Nanotechnology for Restorative Dentistry

Nanotechnology is rapidly emerging as one of the most favorable technologies, which is gaining tremendous impetus due to its capability in modulation matter at smaller and smaller level. The nanotechnology drastically changes the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of materials, changing their application in different fields as per the requirement. Advancements in nanotechnology are paving

Dental Bone Grafts: Which is the ideal Biomaterial?

Tooth loss is a major dental problem that affects overall health and quality of life. Untreated dental caries, periodontal diseases, trauma, or orthodontic extractions are some of the major factors that result in tooth loss. Although dental implants are the preferred option for replacing missing natural teeth, not all patients have sufficient volume or jawbone

How Genomic Advancements are Fueling Innovations in Nutraceuticals

Increasing incidences of polygenic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and type-2 diabetes in recent years have been linked to rapid transition in lifestyle. Sedentary behavior, smoking, unhealthy eating, chronic stress, and lack of sleeping are some of the factors attributing to the rise of non-communicable diseases. These are largely preventable diseases that are posing

Rising Demand for Teaching Toys in United States

When it comes to toys, children are spoilt for choice. Research studies demonstrate that playtime with toys is essential for the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children. Toys act as natural tool for children to enhance their creativity, develop resiliency, overcome challenges, and negotiate with others. Through toys, children learn the basic principle

Top 5 Trends in Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solutions

With rapid globalization, explosion of eCommerce channels, and multinational sales, the risk of counterfeit products is on the rise. Counterfeit products are not just a passing problem, rather a global  problem, pervading all organizations, large and small, across multiple industries. According to trade data trends, the number of counterfeit products could soon rise to USD3 trillion by the

Interview with CEO of WellCareMeds Online Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd., on India E Pharmacy Market

Mr Gajendra, Founder- WellCareMeds Online Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd., tells TechSci Research that in metropolitan cities, people are busy with their schedules and are not getting time. It is very convenient for such people to opt for e-pharmacy due to which they can order from their office, bed or from anywhere. TECHSCI RESEARCH- How is your work related

Digitization Across Chemical Industry

With the rise of the fast development of new competitors in Asia and the Middle East and decades of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions, the chemical industry is now encountering game-changing challenges due to the disruptive potential of digitalization. Leaders in the chemical industry are leveraging digital tools and technologies to achieve sustainable business growth

How can Companies Enter Germany?

As the 5th largest economy in the world with an innovative business culture and manufacturing dominance, Germany stands as an enticing destination for companies seeking for international expansion. Germany’s economic policies have been built upon the social market economy principles that combine the benefits of social policies along with the free-market capitalism to ensure a fair