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Why should Every Retailer Opt for Mystery Shopping Program?

Retailers, market research companies, and consumer watchdogs conduct mystery shopping programs to check the quality of service in brick-and-mortar environments such as retail stores, restaurants, bank branches, and so on. The main objective of companies for executing mystery shopping is to ensure that customers have a consistent and high-quality experience at their sales locations and franchisees. The

How to Develop Successful Brand Tracking Strategy?

According to a report by McKinsey & Co., brands with solid identities outperform their competitors by 73%. Although consumers jump from product to product at a flick of their wrists in the age of digitalization, brand relevance remains high, especially in categories that offer unlimited choices. Brand innovators are likely to grow up top-line four

How Could Energy Crisis in Europe, UK, and China Impact India?

While “Sorry out of signs” has become ubiquitous at petrol stations in different parts of the United Kingdom, unprecedented power cuts in Northern China have left millions of homes and industries without electricity. At the same time, the skyrocketing energy prices across Europe are breaking records. The big multi-continental energy crunches are spilling into economic

How to Optimize your Marketing Campaigns?

Brands design marketing campaigns to promote a specific endeavour, create awareness of the organization, or simply attract new customers. Campaign assessment surveys offer brands a 360-degree view of how marketing efforts affect brand value by analyzing metrics such as brand awareness, perception, purchase intent, and more. Monitoring and tracking your campaign’s success assist brands in making smarter

How to Develop a Successful Product?

Businesses across the world experienced a shockwave of changes in 2020 due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Amidst the rapidly transforming business ecosystem and accelerating digital adoption, product development companies are striving to develop new and innovative solutions to meet future demands. Companies are leveraging modern AI and IoT solutions to create quality and

How to Price a Product?

Product pricing strategy is both an art and science. While under-pricing the product can result in losses and project the brand as cheap and unreliable, overpricing can risk the product’s affordability for the target audience. Pricing is the most challenging thing to do but determining the right price can make the product a huge success