Global Wireless Headphones Market

Nathaniel Baldwin in 1919 formed the first headphone in his kitchen by hand. Since then earphones and headphones have seen massive development in their design, technology and usage. Headphone and Earphones are a pair of small listening device designed to be worn on or around the head over ears. It is an electroacoustic transducer, which converts an electrical signal to a corresponding sound in the user’s ear. Headphone is designed to allow a single user to listen to an audio source privately, in contrast to a loudspeaker, which emits sound into the open air, for anyone nearby to hear.

About the Market 

Advent of new technologies and styles in wireless headphones has led to the creation of price differentiation in the market. A majority of share in the market has been captured by high-priced or “premium” earphones due to which the average selling price is on a higher side. However, the sales and growth of wireless headphones market is majorly dependent on the growth in sales of mobile devices and the A/V services related to them.

Wireless Headphones Market by Volume

Advent of Wireless Headphones Market

Wireless earphones and headphones have gained traction over the last decade. The onset of this technology can be attributed to companies like Apple Inc., Sony, Beats, etc., which consider R&D as the top priority for products. Wireless earphones and headphones market is growing at a pace faster than the wired segment is declining. Rising adoption of wireless products amongst smart devices is expected to propel the share of wireless segment from 34.92% in 2016 in wireless headphones to 46.39% by 2022. Moreover, Apple launched IPhone without a 3.5mm headphone jack replaced with wireless earphones, which is also expected to start a trend amongst other smartphone manufacturers, thus boosting demand for this segment.

Wireless Headphones Market - Penetration of online Stream

Regional Scenario

North America bagged the second position in terms of sales in wireless headphones. The region is headquarters to many key players of earphones and headphones market like Beats Electronics, Plantronics, Skullcandy, etc. The region had a volume share of 19.30% in 2016 in wireless headphones. However, the revenue share of the region is expected to decrease by 2022, as the market for mobile devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. is reaching saturation levels. As a result, demand for application of earphones and headphones is likely to decline. United States and Canada are the two major countries in North America earphones and headphones market. With 67% of the population owning a smartphone makes the US largest shareholder in the market. Revenue share of the US is expected to decline to 41.69% by 2022 from 45% in 2016 in North America earphones and headphones market, as the mobile device industry is expected to reach saturation level, which in turn is likely to decrease demand for earphones and headphones.

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Bone Conduction Technology for Earphones and Headphones

This technology is becoming increasingly popular in the music industry. Before this, bone conduction was used in the medical industry for hearing aids. Since 1977, over 100,000 hearing loss patients have been fitted with a bone conduction device known as a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). In 2008, Audio Bone became one of the first mainstream bone conduction headphones to enter the sports headphone scene. They claimed equivalent sound quality while also allowing the users to hear ambient noises since the headphones did not actually cover any part of the ear. This technology has become increasingly popular among every growing headphone community, particularly runners or cyclists who want both music and exposure to ambient sound for safety.

Mergers and Acquisitions

To stay on top of the mobile device market, top companies like Samsung, Apple, Logitech, etc., need to always reinvent strategies to maintain their position and expand their market. This can be achieved by expanding the product portfolio of a particular company. Mobile phone manufacturers for instance have found that they can leave deep impact on their customers by providing quality products and accessories. The companies have recognized that earphones and headphones are important accessories to the customers and that they need to be of the top quality. To rectify this issue, many mobile phone manufacturers have acquired earphones and headphones manufacturers to expand their product portfolio.