Are You Aware of Auto Night Vision System?

The “Auto Night Vision” refers to various frameworks that helps in increasing driver mindfulness when it’s dim out. These frameworks broaden the view of the driver beyond the limits of the headlights using thermographic cameras, infrared lights, heads up display and different technology. Since auto night vision can ready drivers to the nearness of potential risks before they become visible, these frameworks can help in preventing mishaps.

Global Auto Night Vision System marketHow Does Night Vision work?

Night Vision System is part of the advanced safety systems which help in improving the driver’s ability to see at night and in bad weather conditions. Night Vision System play a significant role in night driving. These frameworks enhance the recognition and vision scope of drivers and travellers at night. Auto Night Vision System is classified into two essential classes as Active and Passive. Active night vision frameworks utilize infrared light sources to illuminate the dimness and Passive frameworks depend on the thermal radiation that is transmitted from animals, vehicles and other potential risks. Both the systems depend on infrared statistics.

Night vision systems are still found in most of the luxury vehicles. General Motors was the first company to introduce Night Vision System.

Toyota, Mercedes offer active systems. Other OEM’s, such as BMW, Audi and Honda, offer passive options. Mercedes uses NIR technology and shows clearer picture in the dark. This system is like night-vision goggles soldiers use. Moreover, Mercedes monitor is situated behind the steering wheel of the vehicle which is directly in the car driver line of vision to the road.

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Why Auto Night Vision System is becoming a need?

Expanding concern over mishaps specially during the night drives the demand of auto night vision system over the globe. Likewise, expanding arrangement of these systems in military vehicles to enhance driving in dark has been boosting this market. In luxury vehicles or premium cars, the demand of night vision system is increasing, which are sold mostly in developed economies like North America and Europe.

According to World Health Organization latest report statistics, globally, total number road accidents has reached at no change stage of 1.25 million per year. Government stringent regulations for vehicle safety and increasing road accidents globally.

According to Association for safe international road travel, more than 1.3 million people die in road crashes that means 3,287 deaths per day on an average, every year. Moreover, the association also mentioned that unless necessary action is taken, the road injuries are predicted to become a top leading cause of death by 2030 globally.

Thus, increasing number of road accidents and growing safety concerns, drives the Global Auto Night Vision System Market over the next five years.

Top automotive Night Vision System market vendors

Bosch- Night Vision Plus of Bosch provides a high-contrast image of the road immediately ahead of the vehicle. The system detects the objects and forms an image on the screen. This helps the driver to identify the position and the type of object ahead and work accordingly for safety.

Continental- Optimal night vision is an essential component to reduce the risk of the accident particularly at night and double beneficial during the day times. The system considers the onrushing vehicles and those which are moving ahead of the driver’s vehicle, ensuring that the headlamps are set to provide optimum lighting in any situation.

Delphi- In 2016, the company improved the performance of its in-vehicle vision sensors. This improvement helps strengthen the company’s suite of Advanced Driver Assistant systems used to help prevent traffic accidents.

Autoliv- According to the company, BMW uses Autoliv’s third generation night vision system, which is consist of pedestrian and animal detection. Moreover, this is also used in cars like Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce etc. The system consists of a “far infrared” camera and a computer that can identify people. However, BMW also featured another aspect of Autoliv’s night vision system- the pedestrian spotlight system.

Some of the other major key players operating in Auto Night Vision System are Denso Corporation, Magna International Inc, FLIR Systems Inc, OmniVision Technologies Inc etc.

Conclusion: Global Auto Night Vision System Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 17% over the next five years in value terms backed improving in-vehicle technologies, increasing number of road accidents globally and government regulations for vehicular safety system.