Rice Protein Market Major AIDP Inc to Expand Through Kiwi Fruit

People are becoming much more health-conscious than ever before. They are looking for super foods and nutritional supplements to attain wellbeing. The increasing demand is apparent through growing number of companies offering health products and already existing companies in the segment expanding to provide more value to their consumers. One such major company of Rice Protein Market in US is AIDP Inc. that has been working constantly to improve the health of millions.

AIDP has recently signed an agreement with Anagenix, an agrotechnology company, to manufacture and distribute ingredients called Actazin and Livaux that are made from Kiwifruit extracts grown locally.

Rice protein market

Actazin, according to the company sources, is concentrated kiwi fruit extract that contains unique enzyme actinadin that supports protein absorption in the body. This ingredient is available in cold pressed powdered form and fulfills the prebiotics and fibre need in the human body. Actazin is said to be an excellent laxative that is mild on stomach and digestive tract system. Key nutrients and bioactives of the fruit are retained using the proprietary technology. There are no added preservatives or sugar in the product and is an excellent ingredient for health formulas and food blends.

Livaux, another functional ingredient is known as the world’s first oral supplement. It is again made with gold kiwi that is sourced locally from New Zealand. It basically supports a kind of intestinal bacterium called Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F.prau). The lower number of F.prau bacteria is associated with Crohn’s didease, celiac disease, chronic constipation, IBS and IBD. Lavaux is particularly helpful in improving the gut health by increasing the number of F.prau and supporting the regular bowel movements.

To know more download the sample report at: https://www.techsciresearch.com/sample-report.aspx?cid=959

The company is excited for its partnership with Anagenix and is looking forward to explore the kiwi fruit extract health benefits along with its application for its growing ingredients list. Managing Director of Anagenix is equally delighted to have been associated with a like-minded company like AIDP that holds similar values and goals for health based products’ market.

AIDP Inc. is a leading company for providing functional ingredients. It provides health products that are derived after extensive research and fulfill their consumer demand for wellness and healthy aging. AIDP has a broad portfolio in plant-based proteins and some of its products are RisaPro, Peasipro, Hemprotein etc.

Other leading companies in US rice protein market are Axiom Foods Inc., Growing Naturals LLC, Ricebran Technologies, Bio Tech USA, Sun Brothers LLC, NOW Foods, The Green Labs LLC etc. According to TechSci report, “United States Rice Protein Market By Product Type, By Application, By Point of Sale, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012-2022”, protein present in rice is the most apt substitute for vegan protein products like whey protein and soy protein. Besides this, health products market is growing phenomenally, which is going to affect the Rice protein market positively. Demand for rice protein is about to only increase as it has become the main source of protein for those taking vegan diets. As well as growing consumer awareness about their health and health issues and rapidly rising obesity rate in the US are going to increase the demand for rice protein even more.