Global Organic Wine Market

Global Organic Wine MarketOrganic beverages are manufactured or prepared with fresh organic products and by-products, which are grown in farms without the use of insecticides, pesticides and chemical contents. Organic beverages offer optimum health benefits, which when consumed helps to absorb more nutrients by human body. Furthermore, technique such as high-pressure processing is used for preserving fresh organic beverages have recently gained popularity among manufacturers and vendors. These techniques help to increase the shelf life of organic products and by-products by maintaining essential enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.

Organic beverages are categorized into segments such as organic dairy alternatives, organic coffee & tea, organic alcohol and organic soft drinks. The younger generation is more inclined towards organic beverages and organic ready-to-drinks. Growing consumer preferences toward benefits of organic products are anticipated to boost global organic beverages market.

Global Organic Alcohol Beverages

Conventional alcohol production practices rely on the use of chemicals to protect the fruits used in producing alcohol. These chemicals are harmful to the surrounding ecosystem, risk the health of natives surrounding corpse and livestock, local residents and surrounding waterways. Whereas practices used to prepare organic alcohol focus on health of the soil, structure of the ingredients and alcohol to the agriculture input.

The physical state of alcohol, which is to be prepared are managed to minimize diseases and pest control. Global organic alcohol beverages market accounted for a revenue share of 7.00% in 2015, and is anticipated to reach 7.17% by 2021, as Many prominent players in global beverages market have started to launch organic alcohol products as it is the fastest growing segment in organic beverages market.

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North America

In 2015, North America held second position with a market share of 31.03% in global organic beverages market and is anticipated to reach 28.62%, during forecast period 2016-2021 due to shift in focus of prominent market leaders of North America to other type of beverages and these leaders have started increasing their presence in other regions to cater the growing demand of the consumers.

Organic beverages are characterized by comparatively high purchasing power, health benefits related with consumption of organic beverages than conventional beverages. North America is known for its largest organic retail market where all mainstream organic grocery stores are present as people living in this region have high preference for organic food and beverages in comparison to conventional products.

Global Organic Wine Market 

Global organic wine production is increasing continuously. The quality of organic wines is better than conventional wines due to organic production practices of crops such as grapes, fruits, etc., from which wines have to be brewed. Organic vineyards have greater natural tendency and resistance to poor weather and diseases; therefore, they tend to perform better in poor weather than non-organic vineyards. Organic methods produce the richest, strongest and healthy grapes and fruits with only little detrimental effect on the environment.

Organic wines demand continues to grow worldwide and will have dominance over global organic alcohol beverages market specially in England, France, New Zealand, Switzerland, United States and Japan. Organic wine stood at a market share of 67.15% in 2015, and is anticipated to reach 65.09% by 2021 backed by the fact that consumers are now preferring other organic alcohol beverages as compared to organic wines.

United States Organic Beverages Market

The government of United States took an initiative towards collaboration with industry and individual companies to invest in the supply chain to ensure easy and dependable stream of organic products for the consumers. United States has witnessed growth in development of organic farming and has the highest organic agriculture than any other country in North America, which is pushing production and demand for organic beverages in the country.