Trends and Opportunities in the Global Nematicides Market

  Introduction: Nematicides can be defined as a sub segment of pesticides which are extensively utilized across agriculture industry to kill harmful pests and insects. The nematicides are particularly effective against killing of nematodes which includes roundworms, flatworms, etc. that have ability to cause extreme damage to crop and agricultural produce. The rising safety concerns

Global Scotch Whisky Market Analysis

Scotch Whisky is one the phenomenal that has extended its reach across the world. It is an industry made of all type of businesses, which includes family owned company, small brewers establishing in the market to big companies that have been extending their presence by exporting their products across the globe. Product Overview Scotch Whisky

Top Investment Pockets in US Polycarbonate Industry

What is Polycarbonate and its Applications? Polycarbonate can be defined as the chemical substance which is mixed with plastic additives such as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyester, etc. to produce an engineered thermoplastic substance containing carbonate groups. The polycarbonate material is easy to process and offers excellent design flexibility by means of subjection to a

US Naphthalene & PCE based Admixtures Market: Popular Trends & Drivers

Product Overview: The construction industry depends upon the supply of variety of concrete admixtures which impart specific property to the construction material. The two types of concrete admixtures are mineral and chemical admixtures, wherein the latter consist of Naphthalene and Polycarboxylate Ether (PCE) admixture. These superplasticizers are rapidly substituting the conventional plasticizers on account of

UAE Building Automation Control Systems Market Forecast

In This Video TechSci Research Covers UAE Building Automation & Control Systems Market, By Product (HVAC, Electronic Security & Safety, etc.), By Communication Protocol (Wired & Wireless), By Application, By End User, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2011-2021.According to “UAE Building Automation & Control Systems Market, By Product, By Communication Protocol, By Application, By End User,

Nutrient Recovery Systems: A boon in Wastewater Management

Nutrient Recovery Systems are designed and manufactured to recover nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater streams and transform the recovered resources into an eco-friendly fertilizer fit for agricultural applications. The nutrient recovery systems are tailored to clean the effluent by extracting and converting nutrients into a highly efficient and reusable feedstock. Owing to

Positive Market Prospects for Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers refer to the fertilizers which can be derived from a variety of natural sources including human waste, animal excreta, vegetable matter and animal matter. The various advantageous features associated with organic fertilizers such as abundant availability of naturally-occurring raw materials and lower risk of environmental damage are escalating the Global Organic Fertilizer Market

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility to Register Double-Digit Growth by 2022

Brief Introduction and Market Overview: The BYOD refers to Bring Your Own Device which compels the employees to utilize personal electronic devices including their own mobile phones, tablet and laptop for official work. These mobile consumer electronic devices are gaining consumer preference for accessing Internet which may include confidential facts & figures of any organization

Pet Wearables Market Catching Pace:

Introduction: Pet Wearables can be defined as the smart devices specifically designed & modelled to analyze pet behavior as well as their vital functions through tracking, controlling and monitoring of pets. The smart pet wearable devices are available for dogs, cats and other pets which enables the pet owners to utilize the gathered data to