Coffee Machine: A Penchant for Premium Coffee

Every trip to the café in this age of high-end coffee, is a different experience. You watch how the cafes measure coffee and check the temperature of the water. The steaming water is then poured from the kettle and evenly coating the ground beans that ends with a perfect cup of coffee. Is it possible to repeat this ritual at home or office? Of course, and the credit goes to the invention and design of coffee machines meant for home and offices.

Coffee machines are cooking appliances which are used to brew coffee. Though there are different types of coffee machines which works on number of different brewing principles, but in most common coffee machine, coffee grounds are placed in a metal or paper filter inside a funnel, which is set over a ceramic or glass coffee pot. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, and is heated up to the boiling point, and directed into the funnel.

Product Overview:

The Growing Coffee Machine Market:

The rising consumption of coffee as a daily beverage led to phenomenal growth of the Global coffee machine market in recent years. Internet retailing, direct selling has contributed toward the growth of the global coffee machine market. The increasing consumption of coffee amongst the working population leads to installment of coffee machines at airports, offices, railway stations, and other places which is expected to make a significant contribution to the Europe coffee machine market. Further, the spurt of coffee shops in the U.S. and Canada leads to the increasing demand of coffee machines in North America. Asia Pacific is expected to be a strong contender as rising youth population in the emerging economies such as India and China are anticipated to give rise to the Asia Pacific coffee machine market. Also, the market is driven by rising disposable income, increasing coffee-shop culture across the globe thereby aiding to the growth of Global coffee machine market.

Top Coffee Consuming Countries

  • Finland: 9.6 kg per capita (consumption of 2.64 cups/day)
  • Norway: 7.2 kg per capita (consumption of 1.98 cups/day)
  • Netherlands: 6.7 kg/capita (consumption of 1.84 cups/day)
  • Slovenia: 6.1 kg per capita (consumption of 1.68 cups/day)
  • Austria: 5.5 kg per capita (consumption of 1.51 cups/day)
  • Serbia: 5.4 kg per capita (consumption of 1.49 cups/day)
  • Denmark: 5.3 kg per capita (consumption of 1.46 cups/day)
  • Germany: 5.2 kg per capita (consumption of 1.43 cups/day)
  • Belgium: 4.9 kg per capita (consumption of 1.35 cups/day)
  • Brazil: 4.8kg per capita (consumption of 1.32 cups/day)

World Coffee Consumption, By Region, 2015 (In thousand 60kg bags)

World Coffee Consumption, By Region

                                                                                                                                Source: International Coffee Organization

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What’s Hot in the Coffee Machine Market?

  • Rising Consumption of Organic Coffee:

Nowadays conventional coffee is the most heavily chemical treated products in the world. These are produced by using pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides, adoption of such farming practices not only harm the environment but also the people around it. Even farmers also get exposed to high level of chemicals while harvesting and during spraying on the crops. The surrounding communities are also affected through chemical residues in the air and water. These chemicals are highly toxic, dangerous and detrimental to human health. Whereas organic coffee is grown with organic fertilizers and chicken manure only without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Organic farming practices also fights climate change by emitting less carbon dioxide, As a result, the end products from organic farms such as organic coffee is rich in healthy antioxidants, which are natural and beneficial to consumers, this trend is likely to further fuel the organic coffee consumption all across the globe and simultaneously contributing to the growth of Global coffee machine market.

Health Benefits Of Organic Coffee

 Rising Consumption of Organic Coffee


Rising Consumption of Organic Coffee

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