2017-18: Top Trends in Vietnam Animal Feed Market

In next three decades, it is anticipated that animal feed market will see a strong growth in terms of value and volume. The rising demand for feed is driven by the growing demand for animal products, especially in the developing economies. Increase in animal product consumption is expected to continue. Per capital meat consumption in developing economies will further rise by 45% as compared to only 14% in industrial countries.

Product Definition

Food that is used to feed is used to feed animals are generally as animal feeds. Animal feed is high nutritional food component, which are specifically prepared for the purpose of feeding as this the only sole source for their development and growth to boost their productivity. Animal feed plays an important role in the overall global food industry, developing economic production of animal proteins across the world. Feed is known to be the largest and important component to ensure affordable, safe and abundant animal food protein. The factors that are affecting the market is raw material prices, nutritional requirement of the specific animal, nutritional value of the components, regulation and rules of the government.

Vietnam Animal Feed Demand

The dairy and poultry industry absorbs most of the feed demand in the Vietnam. Both industry and based on the highly intensive production system, which is located high potential in some semi-urban and ruler areas. Livestock keeping is practised intensively in the country considering the nutritional supplement concertation in animal feed. Within the Vietnam livestock market pig farming and its feed is most dominant as the pork production comprises almost 1/3rd total meet production.

Global Animal Feed Market

Global Animal Feed Market

Animal feed is an essential component in global food production process, especially for livestock food product industry. Basically, production is done in industrial mills or at simple farm. The animal feed market is experiencing high demand due to rising productivity in animal based products. Consumption of animal based product in the developing economies is also contributing significant growth in animal feed industry. It is estimated that global animal feed production was found to be around 1000 million ton, showing growth of around 2% from the year 2013. China holds rank 1 with annual production of around 190 million tons in the year 2015, which less than 3.5% from the year 2013, followed by Unite States, Brazil and Mexico.

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Nutritional Requirement for Animals

According to science studies conducted for animal nutrition feed is an important aspect for animal to maintain good health. Feed should be formulated depending on nutritional requirement for the different type of animal species due to different development stage and potential building of genetic structure. Specific knowledge in animal nutrition helps feed manufactures to help livestock farmers to maintain health and extract good quality products out of the animals. With improvement in nutritional value in animals, this strategy

to maintain healthy gut and resistance diseases, can help animal feed industry to reduce the medication cost at the farm level. This aspect should be interest to the whole supply of animal food chain and required share of investment and responsibility.

Major Ingredients in Animal Feed

Feed requires compound production of various agriculture raw materials. The inclusion rate of various raw material can vary from different formulation method and also between different species. The most important ingredient in the production feed is maize, oilcake and fish meal.